About Eric

Eric Swartz was a brilliant, talented, and gentle soul. He excelled at everything that he did. He was an avid  snowboarder, weightlifter, and a philanthropist. He was extremely charismatic and was loved by many.

Eric attended the United States Air Force Academy where he was a member of the Sabre Drill team and excelled academically. After USAFA Eric attended St. Georges Medical School where he scored in 90th percentile of his boards.

Eric’s medical career came to a screeching halt with an onset of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He struggled with the disease for the last four years of his life. Many attempts were made to find proper treatment, but all failed. It was if no one in the medical profession really knew what they were doing.  Eric was getting better, but did so alone. Eric passed away in his sleep on October 31, 2011. We feel that had Eric received proper treatment, this tragic accident never would’ve occurred.

The Swartz Wingman Foundation aims to help men and women suffering with PTSD, who like Eric, would’ve otherwise slipped through the cracks. Eric was everyone’s friend; he never refused a friend in need. We here at The Swartz Wingman Foundation simply aim to carry out Eric’s life work which was to help others; but most of all we aim to prevent a tragedy like Eric’s death, from happening again.